GoBeyond Window Shades

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, your windows are your eyes to the world.

Make your view what you want to see.

Art and design that go beyond walls and into the light.

Unique Design Opportunity for Your Windows

Window treatments. Yes.

Transparencies, translucents, opaque films, window shades in a number of fabrics that will enhance your environment, be a focal point or create interest when you want to obscure the view, have an art piece with light filtering through or… just because it’s really cool.

Explore our library or have Muzeo design a custom window shade.

The design possibilities are endless! Submit your own design, picture, pattern or choose from our collection of styles that best suit your decor.  We also work with brands from all over the world to develop custom designs exclusive for their retail locations.  Contact us to learn more.

Shade Fabrics & Hardware

Our window shade fabrics are performanced based materials – designed to cool your home, create a totally dark environment, or let in various levels of light as per the weave of the open factors. These are not inexpensive vinyl or “old fashion window shades”. Modern fabrication allows numerous applications and design.

Our shades are installed on standard roller hardware with or without a fascia cover. Motorized options are available for convenience and ease of use.

Topping it all off, our products do not emit harmful gasses. They are GreenGuard and EcoLogo rated. Perfect for hospitality, healthcare environments and residential.


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